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All Volunteers that would like to assist in the school or go on Field Trips need to have a SLED Check. The cost is $8.00 and can be paid by a debit or credit card. You must come into the office to do this.

We also require a copy of your driver's license and proof of auto insurance. If volunteering on campus, please come in the office and register. There is a Volunteer Sign In/Out Notebook in the Front office for you to keep track of your hours.



Trash Pickup on our section of the Spanish Moss Trail; Playground Monitor; Office Assistance (Laminating, Cutting Materials, Making copies, Running errands); Attending Parent Education Nights; Classroom Volunteer; Reading to Students; Leading a Committee; Participating on a Committee; serving on the Board of Directors; Facility Work (grounds/odd jobs); Box Top Coordinator/helpers; Assist in the Library; Fundraising Assistance; Pet Care (long weekends 2 Vol. Hours / Winter & Spring Break 4 Vol. Hours); Field Trip Drivers/Chaperones; Purchase Pet Supplies; Purchase Snack for Class; Purchase Classroom Wish Lists. (For purchases, $10 spent=1 Vol. Hour)


If you have any ideas for volunteering please email at 

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