About Lowcountry Montessori School

HISTORY: LMS began as a group of dedicated parents, teachers, and community members from E.C. Montessori & Grade School with a vision of offering authentic and free public Montessori education to as many children as possible in and around Beaufort, SC.  Community outreach resulted in over 700 letters of support, confirming that area families actively seek alternate public education options and demand for a public Montessori program is strong. Effectiveness of the Montessori Method, first developed over one hundred years ago by Maria Montessori, has been widely recognized by researchers and educators. Experiential and collaborative, it promotes and allows focus on individual needs and progress. The LMS charter received final approval on July 29, 2013, from the South Carolina Public Charter School District.


MISSION: The mission of Lowcountry Montessori School is to provide an authentic Montessori education building a foundation for lifelong learning.

About our Middle and High School Program:


The Lowcountry Montessori School Secondary Program (middle and high school) represents and integration of South Carolina core standards and educational requirements, the most current research on the developmental needs of adolescents, the Montessori approach to education, research-based learning theory and teaching methods, and the predictions of the skills needed to lead a productive life of continuous learning and cooperation. Consistent with all Beaufort County schools, Lowcountry Montessori seeks to provide the environment and experience that will allow students to flourish academically to the point of exceeding state standards of academic achievement; however, our overarching goal as educators is to help our students develop into independent, responsible, critical, and compassionate individuals. This coincides with Maria Montessori’s vision for education as a system that allows students to physically access the world, and in turn, to develop into charitable stewards of their environment and community. Adolescents operate at a crucial stage in developing the social skills necessary to acquire a true capacity for compassion, empathy and understanding – the foundation for peaceful dialogue and cooperation that is the vision of Montessori. Nonetheless, very few Montessori Secondary programs exist - let alone public programs. This is why Lowcountry Montessori School acknowledges its secondary program as the cornerstone for its success within the Beaufort County community. Only one secondary Montessori program exists within Beaufort County (Sea Pines Montessori of Hilton Head), which only includes Middle School and is private. Lowcountry Montessori School’s program would not only become the pioneer for Montessori High School in Beaufort County, but it would also extend Montessori Secondary Education to the public sector.  To learn more, click HERE .