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Faculty & Staff Directory

"My dream would be that this will be kind of a place for our community can gather as a whole. To be creative, to help those in need and really have this fantastic, unique place that would benefit Beaufort and our students and community here."

Meet Our Director

Amy Horn

Horn, previously a Montessori teacher at E.C. Montessori School in Beaufort, has dedicated her career to education. After receiving her Master’s Degree in 1996, Horn taught in a variety of settings including elementary and high school. In addition, Horn has been the LMS Planning Committee Co-Chair since the inception of the school in April 2013, and became the Board Chair after the school’s charter was approved in July 2013. Her love and passion for the school, extensive education background, and experience in the Montessori Method gives the school a leader who is dedicated to its vision paired with the knowledge to provide excellence in education.  Amy Horn has a SC teacher certification in Health K-12 and Montessori Lower Elementary.

Administrative & Student Support Team

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Learning Center Team

Integrative Arts Team

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