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Faculty & Staff Directory

"My dream would be that this will be kind of a place for our community can gather as a whole. To be creative, to help those in need and really have this fantastic, unique place that would benefit Beaufort and our students and community here."

Meet Our Director

Amy Horn

Horn, previously a Montessori teacher at E.C. Montessori School in Beaufort, has dedicated her career to education. After receiving her Master’s Degree in 1996, Horn taught in a variety of settings including elementary and high school. She holds her SC State Certification in K-12 Health Education as well as Lower Elementary Montessori Education. She also has a credential from Houston Montessori Training Center in Administrator's Training. In addition, Horn was one of the LMS Planning Committee's Co-Chair since the inception of the school in April 2013.. Her love and passion for the school, extensive education background, and experience in the Montessori Method gives the school a leader who is dedicated to its vision paired with the knowledge to provide excellence in education.  

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