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How does the Waitlist work?

In accordance with our charter, all applications received during the Open Enrollment period from October 1 through January 31 are included in the lottery held in February each year. Any seats that aren't able to be offered in the lottery form the waitlist and any applications received after Open Enrollment are added in chronological order to the current waitlist. We offer priority to siblings, employees, and previously any founding committee member. If a sibling is offered a seat and does not attend, the other siblings do not get priority status. If a sibling does attend, the other siblings are moved up on their waitlist behind any other siblings already on the waitlist. Once a seat is offered it is green, if it is declined it is red, and if they are on the waitlist it is blue. Any questions should be directed to Sarah Fox at The waitlist below is for the next school year. If you have questions about this current school year, contact Sarah.

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