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Report Card

Lowcountry Montessori School serves three year olds through twelfth grade. 

We are a small community of learners and remain just under 400 students.    Because our population is so small, we are able to offer a program that feels like a family as we know our student population extremely well.


At the elementary level, Montessori is a vibrant, rich, spiraling curriculum that was developed over 100 years ago by Maria Montessori in Italy. The nature of a spiraling curriculum means that topics are touched in developmentally appropriate ways at developmentally appropriate times over the years a student is in Montessori, building upon the knowledge gained from the previous exposures. These exposures may or may not align with the state standards set by South Carolina in 2015. LMS is committed to bridging these gaps in ways that make sense. We have begun utilizing the STAR Assessment to identify and address gaps that occur between the curriculum we use and the state testing required.

Lowcountry Montessori School is a school that is committed to providing a free public Montessori education to Beaufort and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide an authentic Montessori education building a foundation of lifelong learning. We are dedicated to educating the whole child and take an interest in the social-emotional well-being of the child, as well as developing their intellect. We believe that children learn through experiences and incorporate practical life into the classroom as much as possible. This belief is rooted in the idea that children should be respected as individuals. 


We also believe that education is the way to promote peace in our world. Our curriculum promotes peace through helping children become stewards of the earth and their communities. Children are asked to practice conflict resolution at all levels of development. We also ask that students give back to their communities each and every year they are enrolled at Lowcountry Montessori School. Lowcountry Montessori School is a community and embraces each and every child for their unique abilities and  their contributions to this world.

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