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Guidance Counselors

Meredith Fent

SC State Certified - 

Elementary Counselor

Montessori Certified in Lower Elementary

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Nicole Borriello

SC State Certified - 

Secondary Guidance Counselor

Nicole Borriello.JPG

To All Lowcountry Montessori Families,


This is a safe and confidential way for either a parent or student to make a report, about a current LMS student, that involves the following examples: 


  • Threats to cause harm

  • Violent Acts

  • Bringing a weapon to school

  • Suicidal Statements

  • Physical attack

  • Fearful of an individual

The form is linked to the BTAM Team who will follow the necessary steps in the process of taking your report seriously and treating it with the utmost importance. Putting your name on the form is optional. You can also request a follow up on your report. 

We are trying our best to keep our community as safe as possible, but we need to stress the importance of IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING. We take any type of threats, weapons, violence, self harm, harming others, others harming you, physical attacks and fearful concerns very seriously. 


If you have any questions in regards to the form,please reach out to Administration or School Counselors.




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