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Is Montessori Right for Your Family? 

Montessori education should not be chosen just because parents are seeking an alternative to the traditional classroom.  Parents should choose Montessori because they believe in this approach.

Nature Class

It is important that the Montessori approach fits your child’s needs, as well as your family’s values, beliefs and expectations about how you want your child to experience education.


Some questions to consider when deciding if Montessori is right for your family:


  • Am I as a parent ready to support a teacher and my child in a non-traditional approach to learning?

  • Is my child an independent worker?

  • Am I willing to be active in my child’s education?

  • Is my child able to accept responsibility?

  • Does my child follow directions?

  • Is my child able to focus on tasks for a period of time and not be occupied with things going on around him/her?

  • Do I encourage my child to make choices and to take responsibility at home?

  • Do I support the emphasis on cooperation rather than competition?

  • Do I support the Montessori belief in fostering children’s self-reliance, responsibility and independence?

  • Is my approach to discipline based upon natural and logical consequences rather than “rewards and punishments?”

  • Do I believe that my child would benefit from having the responsibility for choosing appropriate learning activities and materials?

  • Do I support the Montessori classroom organization that includes multi-age groupings (typically three “grades” of students)?

  • Am I prepared to learn more about Montessori principles at school and at home?

  • Do I believe in using anecdotal notes and Montessori checklists, rather than traditional, graded report cards?

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