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Congrats to Our Raffle Winners!

Though we did not sell enough tickets to be able to purchase the car, the raffle did become a cash prize for over half of the amount taken in.

As a school we collected $13,540, so after expenses the total was $12,962! Wow!

The school raised $6481 and the remaining $6482 was raffled as cash prizes. The awardees have all been notified and are as follows:

Grand Prize of $5007 - Wendy G.

Second Prize of $500 - Oliver M.

Third Prize of $250 - Alex M.

Fourth Prize of $200 - Papo B.

Fifth Prize of $150 - Janette G.

Sixth Prize of $125 - David E.

Seventh Prize of $125 - Harold M.

Eighth Prize of $125 - Judy M.

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